NeuLASH 3.2ml


Product features:
  • Vitamin B protects lashes
  • Fortified with Active Eyelash Technology®
  • Improves weak lashes

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  • NeuLASH is fortified with Active Eyelash Technology® and a hair nutrient-rich formula which not only delivers benefits beyond conditioning, but also dramatically improves the weak appearance of lashes in just 30 days. 
  • Make your lashes long and luxurious with NeuLASH.
  • It has sodium hyaluronate, known for its ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water, thus lashes are always moisturized and boost in softness while holding shine and elasticity.
  • This serum helps to promote the look of your lashes giving it strength and protection, and makes it flexible and durable
  • Pumpkin seed extract nourishes and makes lashes look luxurious
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